Welcome amateur astronomers. Here’s a little about this website, my products I offer for sale and myself.

I manufacture custom fit urethane telescope tripod pads for Losmandy and Astro-Physics tripods, including a Celestron, Orion and Meade universal pad, or just about any pointed or rounded foot tripod. A versatile urethane pad that dampens vibrations, prevents tripod sinks causing alignment issues throughout the night, and pads against wear and tear on any outdoor surface. Showcase or store your mounts inside without damage to hardwood flooring and carpet. Custom molded to your tripods specifications. An affordable, multi-use tripod necessity that will last a lifetime. USA manufactured in Indiana.

As and injection mold maker by trade and amateur astronomer, this website is a combination of all my projects I have been designing and molding since I started this in 08. It’s been a free time project of mine from the beginning. I first started on this project with my Losmandy HD tripod urethane pad and since then I have added to my product line six more custom molded urethane pads, all tooled, designed and molded myself. Priced very affordable, straight from my manufacturing facility in Indiana to you. I try my hardest to keep inventory in stock. If your pad is showing sold out, contact me and I’ll reply back with a time frame on my next production run.

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