Will they really last a life time?
If you don’t lose them, they will

What are your payment options?

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, I have shipped these all over the world. You just have to contact me to order. Online ordering is for U.S only. I can send out a set using the USPS international flat rate padded envelope, which usually has a very reasonable international shipping charge. The USPS cost is $19.95 to Canada and $23.95 elsewhere (flat rate USPS box prices). USPS shipping prices rise substantially for 2+ sets internationally: 2+ sets will be shipped separately. USPS priority international is very reliable and in most cases only takes 6-10 days in transit to arrive, although I’ve seen it take a couple weeks to a month to certain places.

How soft or hard is the urethane you use for the tripod pads?
The urethane is not soft at all. It does have some flex to it but not much. I decided on a harder urethane since most of you have very heavy set-ups. Will they fall of during use? No they will not fall off during use but they are not designed to permanently attach to your tripod.

Can you custom build a tripod pad for my tripod?
As of right now my free time is next to nothing. Although, I hope to ad to my product line in the near future.

Are you able to do custom colors?
I’m really not able to. I’m slowly switching over to all black with all my tripod pads.