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Harry Horlings
Black ATS Pier Pads

I recently purchased a portable pier from ATS. Brandon didn’t have any pads configured for this pier, so I sent him some pictures and the dimensions for the feet. Within a couple of days I received the very first pads for an ATS pier.

I gotta tell ya, he nailed it the first time! The fit was perfect. A quality product and a great addition to anyone’s arsenal of astronomy accessories. They make this wonderful pier “look” and perform even better.

Not to mention that Brandon’s a great guy to deal with and his turnaround time was fast. Working with him was a pleasure!

Now that you’re on this site and considering a purchase, go ahead and pull the trigger. Don’t even waste any time thinking about it—JUST DO IT! You won’t regret it.

Brandon has a great product and I wish him all the best.

Brandon, you’ve got a customer for life.

Thanks again.


Losmandy G11 Pads

What a great product. The fit is snug, so they stay on when the leg is lifted. The finish and function are excellent. Shipping was very fast.
Thanks for a great product.

James / Cloudy Nights iceblaze
Black Universal Tripod Pads

Amazing shipping time and quality on these Tripod Pads! I can’t be happier. Thanks again!!

Jose C
Red LED on Tripod Pads

This product is highly recommended. I just add Red LED with 9v batteries inside the tripodpads and the glow soft RED like it should in my Losmandy G-11.


Hey Brandon
The tripod pads worked great on my Celestron C14/CGE Pro mount this weekend. These were a perfect fit and is what I’ve been looking for. They worked good on the Meade 14″ Heavy tripod as well.


I received my TripodPads today and have had a chance to seat them on the feet of my Eagle Pier. I am impressed with the quality, which is very apparent. I love the material and the close tolerances of the fit. I’m pleased I ordered them and think they were well worth the price. I look forward to trying them out in the field – I’m confident that they will work as advertised.

As a brief aside – it was nice to unpack these puppies and see those prominent made in America stickers. I was also pleasantly surprised by the size and heft of the pads.

Thanks for a great product and the super fast shipping. A-P should really be talking to you about putting these on their accessory page!

Factory Firsts

I ordered a set of “Factory Seconds” Losmandy G11 pads from Brandon, and received them 2 days later. I wouldn’t even call the pads he sent “bad” or “blemished”. The fit on the bottoms of the HD Tripod legs is absolutely perfect, and they even smell nice! Fast shipping, good price, quality product.

David Lane
Great product

I was amazed with the G-11 pads I got from Brandon. Huge, precision fit and now when I have my scopes setup out doors for a few days at a time I don’t have to polar align again every night since they don’t sink into the ground. I’ve got a pair for my G-8 portable tripod ordered now and am waiting for the Losmandy Titan set I have ordered to arrive. A must for astrophotography in the wild!!! No connection to Brandon in any way just a cool, cool product for not much money.

Patrick Wayne

I contacted Brandon a few months ago, while I was in the market for an Astro-Physics Eagle Pier. At the time,. he didn’t have any pads that fit the AP Eagle, but he told me to contact him with the necessary dimensions of the Eagle and he would make some pads for me. Before receiving the new pads, he sent me a set of Losmandy HD pads, which were absolutely amazing. They worked perfectly for the AP Eagle, even though they weren’t “custom” fitting.
After I got the AP Eagle pads, I attached them to the pier and I couldn’t believe how precise they were. The pads fit snug and smooth on the bottom of the Eagle’s feet and stayed on even when lifting the pier off the ground – as custom a fit I could ever wish for. I am extremely impressed with the fit, finish, feel, and performance of these pads; a welcome addition to my many accessories. They damp vibrations way better than a $50 set of popular Meade vibration pads. I highly recommend his products, not only for the performance and fit, but also for the price; you will not find better pads at any price, as far as I’m concerned. Thank you Brandon!

Mark Schrotberger

I remember talking to Brandon when he first starting this project. He told me about his years of mold making. Concerning his real job, the product he is providing for us has been used for dampening vibrations in the comercial marketplace for years. He is the expert in molded products and if he is putting out something that is inferior, he is doing it to his own hurt. But, if he IS providing a superior product that is a commercial standard, we should trust that these pads will work very well and will last a very long time. That is what the expert says and I think we should trust him on this one.

I currently have a set of vibration pads for my Losmandy HD Tripod, Astro Physics Portable Pier and the Universal Celestron, Meade and Orion. The Losmandy HD and Astro Physics pads fit snug and will not come off, even when lifting the tripod/pier off the ground. The Universal pads are for a Meade Giant Field Tripod and they work great. Everything I have received from Brandon has been a high quality product. My tripods never touch the ground now, the vibrations are reduced and the pads are looking great.

If you are looking for isolation or anti vibration pads for your telescope or camera tripod, look no further. These pads come highly recommended by a satisfied customer. Brandon’s Tripod Pads work great!

I have no official or non-official connection with Brandon in any way. This review is from the perspective of a satisfied customer!

Donnie Garrett

Once in a while you discover a new product that deserves a shout out. Brandon Geisel; the owner of the has done it again. Brandon recently released his newest size tripod pad designed for the Celestron CG5, SE tripods as well as the Meade LX55 & 75 series. These pads are made from a very durable urethane material. Using his pads helps to reduce vibrations and also helps prevent your tripods legs from gradually sinking into the ground over a period of several hours’ use. These pads are well made and represent a great value for the money.

Thanks for a nice product Brandon!

Donnie Garrett